OpenSPA 7.5.003 [IMAGE]

 What is new

- New drivers

Qviart Dual:

HBBTV playback

LED display brightness

KODI start

Media Player desynchronized issue


Fixed scrambled channel zapping speed issue

Added trick mode(FF, REW, Jump) on E2 media player

add Multistream Support

Edision (4K models):

Update to kernel linux 5.14

Gigablue Quad 4K and UE 4K:

Fixed bitrateviewer

Dinobot U5mini and Ferguson:

update to fix kodi start

Zgemma H9x :

add hbbtv-browser-webkit support

- New OpenSPA support for:


Izibox Elite 4K

Hitube 4K combo Pro / Plus

Zgemma H9.2H SE

- Update GST to 1.18.5

- Update ffmpeg to4.4.1

- Update glibc to support last widevine

- Update linux to support wintv hd duo

- Update Python to 2.7.18

- Update plugin Netflix for supported boxes.

- Add driver network-usb-rtl8822bu for Mutant HD51 and Formuler F1.

- Update openmultiboot to release 1.3.

- Update rclone to release 1.56.1.

- Extra Panel : fix issue with channels download by country.

- OpenStarHD : fix bitrate issue.

- Support plugin EPGTranslator.

- Fixed servicehisilicon plugin not showing.

- Fixed crash when exiting client mode in the Wireguard plugin if the configuration file did not exist.

- Fixed the problem with accents in RollerCharLCD that caused crashes in Formuler F1

- PlutoTV :

Fixed chapter information in EPG

Fixed Bug when there were no channels in a group

Adapted for other images and for Python 3

- OpenSPAnetTest :

new release 2.0, totally interface renewed, and some improvements. Credits to madhouse.

Compatibility with Python3.

- PermanentEvent :

new release 2.0, code debugging, ram consumption optimized, small graphical improvements.

Compatibility with Python3.

- XtraEvent :

Fix download info issue.

Compatibility with Python3.

- Footonsat :

Now, install from OpenSPA plugins (Install/Uninstall openSPA Plugins)

fixed show picon for flash.

minor improvements.

- New Bootlogo, thanks to @troncho194

To report bugs :…de-fallos-en-openspa.265/

User : root

Pass : openspa

download openspa


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