SkinTool v_0.5.0.0



New action: 'Delete comments': All comments in the skin.xml are removed. Used to be quite useful when I had a box with little flash memory and had some skins, some with different skin.xml files in it. So you could save a lot of storage space.

New action: 'Check skin for missing resources': The skin.xml is checked for specified resources (pixmap, filename, selectionPixmap, backgroundPixmap). Is e.g. selectionPixmap = "BlackAlu / sel740.png" but the file is not found, it will be listed with the corresponding line. It is also distinguished whether the files should be on the box, these are listed separately (paths with ...)

/ usr


~ /

The 4 standard fonts (lcd.ttf; nmsbd.ttf; ae_AlMateen.ttf; tuxtxt.ttf

New action: 'Compare 2 skins to skinned screens': Compares a second skin.xml. Each screen that does not exist in the other skin.xml is listed.

-Tooltips added

-English translation 


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