TV Spielfilm Online [PLUGIN]

 U+Plugin TV Spielfilm Online Programmzeitschrift Version 4.7:

New: Support for the "Movie Browser" plugin. Is about the TV movie plugin set a timer for a series that are present on the TV movie page, which explains Season and episodes number, the name of the program is changed accordingly, so that retrieving the Movie Browser Plugin information from TheTVDb can, for example "Game of Thrones" -> "Game of Thrones S02E02".

Version 4.8:

New: It can in the views TV tips, Jetzt/Gleich/20: 15 in movies and TV programs own picons are used. Setting from the setup.
Fix: After changing the TV feature film side were the red information fields (New Tips, HD, Live, etc.) are no longer displayed. Thus, the "NEW" filter was in the TV tips also no longer possible.
New / Fix: Incorrect After another change in the order of the channels on the TV movie page order in the station list at "today". The channel list is now loaded dynamically, i.e. future changes to the order of the channels on the TV movie page are automatically transferred.
New: The channel list from "today" is magnified
Fix: Green Screen with "today" if "LIGA total!" was called as "totally League" on the TV movie page at No images and no further information remain. In such a case, the plugin will automatically replace the missing entrie
s in the future by a "dummy" file.


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