Multiboot FlashOnline by Madhouse (python2/3) [Plugin]

 Multiboot FlashOnline v2.4 supports all Enigma2 decoders with the Multiboot option.

For decoders with the latest recovery on board (Eg: Sf8008 - Gbtri4k etc ...) it is possible to create further partitions (6-8-10-12-14-16) by connecting a external unit (MicroSd).

On the created partitions it is possible to flash the chosen image .

For decoders where it is NOT possible to install the latest recovery, the chosen image can only be installed on the 4 slots available on the flash .

Special thanks go to:
zorro71, Miky1964, saw_enigmista, SkyRun1973, StixMax for the continuous tests carried out and for the constant support .

Ftp: /tmp
Telnet: opkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiboot-flashonline_2.4_all.ipk


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