OpenVision 10.3 r397 [IMAGE]

 OpenVision 10.3 r397 

- OE update
- Python 3.9.5 (for py3 images)
- busybox 1.33.1
- bluez 5.58
- Update FFmpeg 4.4 to the latest stable git
- Kodi 19.1
- We don't pre-install openvision-branding anymore, install it from the feeds if you want to have boxbranding
- Core plugin and OctEtFHD skin updates by norhap
- We use our own version of kodiext now
- LCD4linux plugin 5.1-r8u
- Blindscan plugin crash fixed (related to
- RPi kernel 5.10.36


- Smaller and faster
- Import fix, thanks to wu-li for his great reports always
- Tuner debug fixes by Audioniek


- Correct crash
- Restore a redirector version

This module has been restored to allow old code and plugins to continue to function until such time as they are updated to use the newer modules and methods directly.

We need feedbacks for the new changes so read and provide us proper logs to fix possible problems.


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