Filmxy-FNC plugin [PLUGIN]

Filmxy-FNC plugin 

PurE2 users.

Firstly, Filmxy-FNC plugin is useless without the previous registration here:

Create a VIP account and note down your username and password, as you will need them in the plugin's settings.

Currently, the VIP registrations are free. Hurry!

Do not register from a social media account but from a valid email account!

Once Filmxy-FNC plugin is installed go to its Settings and put them in, then press Check credentials (OK button).

Settings recommendations:

  • Cache Media Locally > yes > choose a folder, preferably on a USB stick/SSD (for faster reading of the lists/images etc.)
  • Favourite Path > also, better to save it on a USB stick/SSD
  • Movie summary language > choose as you wish
  • Auto subtitle language > choose as you wish
  • Put in the username/password for > Check credentials (even if there is an error it should work OK)
  • Providers, languages, paths > press OK to enter and set it up to your needs (follow the onscreen directions/signs) > green to Save
  • Backup path > to USB stick/SSD

When done > SAVE (green button) > restart as recommended (OK).

Please, note:

  • if one wants to manually download a subtitle, when film starts press either red or Subtitles button on your remote;
  • to sync the subtitles press TV button on your RCU, then buttons < and > to sync with audio/visual side (+-200 ms per pressing).
  • To change the part of the menu you are in, press CH PAGE buttons V or ^.
  • The Search function works for movies when in Movies section and for series when in TvSeries section.
  • The ? button (top right corner) gives some directions for usage of the plugin/remote control unit (RCU).
  • The author of this plugin has nothing to do with the website/service! Don't ask him about the content of the website.
  • Use at your own risk

Download it here: install as per usual and restart PurE2!


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