Open Blackhole 4.3.011 Kodi 18 Release [IMAGE]

 OpenBH 4.3.011

Kodi 18.3

As most of you know we recently released a couple of beta OBH 4.3 images with Kodi 18 included. We have now moved out of Beta with these images and Kodi 18 is now available to install in OBH 4.3.011 onwards from the BH SpeedUp panel.

OBH 4.3 is the first and currently only image available with Kodi 18.

If you have OBH 4.3.009 or later installed then you can simply online update and install Kodi 18.

If you are using OBH 4.3.008 or older, then you will need to reflash your box first with 4.3.011 as some files may not update correctly.




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