Netflix Dream Enigma2 Plugin by murxer [PLUGIN]

Netflix Dream

This plugin enables you to use Netflix on a Dreambox One.

No other VOD plugin needs to be installed for this.

The actual VOD plugin is already included in this plugin, so the access data is also entered in Netflix Dream.

In advance, you can also install and continue to use the actual VOD plugin and the GP4 GUI-Netflix plugin.

Netflix Dream also uses its own Netflix cookie, so all plugins can run in parallel.

When searching, you only have to enter a letter or number, then the search starts automatically.

You can adjust the search text at any time, even when the Netflix spinner is running.

The input is checked every 4 seconds, if you have changed the input, a search is started again.


As a dependency, enigma2-plugin-widevineprocessor and lib32-dreamwidevine are used.

Those who now use GP4, NN2 or the MediaPortal already have these dependencies on the box.

I myself use the Dreambox Experimental Image, here these dependencies are missing, here you have to install the two packages first, then you can only install Netflix Dream.

Packages enigma2-plugin-extensions-netflixdream_x.x.x.deb onto the box after / tmp FTP

Enter the following in Telnet or SSH:

  1. apt-get update
  2. dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb


If you enter incorrect login data when you first log in, it can happen that you get a login block from Netlfix.

For this I ask you to check and adjust your access data.

Now you have to wait 3 hours until this lock is lifted again.

But if the registration worked and you have to choose a profile, then that fits.

Maybe you can not play a stream yet, you have to restart Gui to do this, then it works too.

This plugin is still very young, so there may still be a few imperfections

Also this plugin will only be available for Dreambox, hence the dream in the plugin Png and the plugin name Netflix Dream.

All Thanks To murxer



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